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8 Surprising Things That Can Make Your Home an Easy Target for Burglars and How You Can Prevent it.

By Armor Concepts November 09, 2023

Burglar attacks are a prevalent concern in many communities, with statistics showing that millions of homes fall victim to burglaries every year. The question is, why do burglars pick one home over another? What makes a house a prime target? This blog post dives into these questions to reveal eight surprising factors that can make your home an easy target for burglars and provide you with essential tips to prevent these security vulnerabilities.

Why It Matters

Knowing these unexpected factors that make your home attractive to burglars will help you take proactive measures to fortify your home against potential break-ins. 

8 Surprising Vulnerabilities That Make Your Home The Next Target for Burglary

Poorly Lit Surroundings 

Insufficient outdoor lighting provides burglars with the cover they need to approach and break into your home unnoticed. Dark pathways, entrances, and corners become hiding spots. Installing motion-activated or static lights, especially near entrances and vulnerable areas, eliminates these hiding places and discourages intruders.

Abandoned Mail and Deliveries

An overflowing mailbox, uncollected newspapers, or packages piling up on your porch indicate an absent homeowner. This signals burglars that your property is vacant, making it an easy target. To counter this, ask a trusted neighbor to collect your mail or deliveries while you're away. Alternatively, pause mail and package deliveries until you return.

Social Media Oversharing

Sharing your travel plans and vacation details on social media platforms can inadvertently inform burglars that your home is empty. Be cautious about publicly broadcasting your absence. Wait until you're back to share your holiday photos and experiences.

Visible Valuables

Valuables, such as electronics, jewelry, or expensive items, visible from windows are tempting targets. Intruders might break in to grab these items quickly. Use curtains, blinds, or shades to obscure the view into your home to prevent potential burglars from identifying valuable items.

Unsecured Doors and Windows

Weak door frames, flimsy door locks, and insecure windows are easy entry points for burglars. They can force their way in with minimal effort. Strengthening your doors with Door Armor and installing quality locks on windows and entry points creates a robust defense against forced entry attempts.

Overgrown Shrubs and Bushes

Overgrown shrubs and bushes provide hiding spots for burglars, allowing them to approach your home undetected. Regularly trim your landscaping to eliminate potential cover for intruders. Well-maintained gardens will deter burglars by eliminating hiding spots.

Poor Home Maintenance

Vacant or poorly maintained homes signal an easy target for burglars. An unkempt appearance suggests a lack of occupancy, making your home vulnerable. Regular maintenance and home improvements, such as lawn care, repairs, and overall cleanliness, convey an active and occupied household, deterring potential intruders.

Lack of Home Security Systems

Homes without visible security systems, such as alarms or cameras, are attractive targets for burglars. Having these home security systems provides real-time monitoring and alerts and discourages burglars.

Preventing Burglary Attacks

To prevent break-ins, take these proactive measures:

  • Strengthen your doors with Door Armor, a robust home security solution that keeps intruders away from breaking into your home.
  • Install visible home security systems like cameras to dissuade intruders from targeting your home.
  • Ensure your home exteriors are well-lit with regular lighting at night. Protecting Your Valuables:
  • Store important documents, firearms, valuables and most-priced possessions in a secure safe. 
  • Mark Your Property: Engrave or mark your valuables with an identifying code. This can aid in recovery and discourage burglars.

Bottom Line

Burglary is a genuine concern, but with the right security measures, you can significantly reduce your risk. It is also important to invest in a first line of defense to safeguard your home and prevent potential break-ins. Your safety is worth every effort.

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