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Crack the Burglar Code: 7 Sneaky Burglar Types and How to Defeat Them

By Armor Concepts November 09, 2023


Knowing who your enemy is is the first step in any battle. A burglar is a stealthy intruder aiming to unlawfully enter properties intending to commit theft. After analyzing different burglar reports, we discovered a pattern and identified 7 most common types of burglars. Understanding these burglars' sneaky moves and tactics will help you stay one step ahead in protecting your homes, loved ones, real estate investment and properties. 

7 Types of Burglars To Be Aware of

     1. Nighttime Ninjas

The Nighttime Ninja Burglar

Beware of the Nighttime Ninja! These burglars strike under the cover of darkness, taking advantage of poorly lit areas and dark surroundings. They break into your home when you are sleeping and unprepared.

Security Tip: Nighttime Ninjas fear exposure. Illuminate your home with motion-sensor lights and install security cameras to thwart their sneaky moves and reinforce your doors and windows with reliable security locks


   2. Prowlers

Prowlers are experts in remaining unnoticed, skulking around your property to identify weak points before striking. Prowlers are like shadows, sneaking around searching for easy targets.

Security Tip: Reinforce your doors and windows with Door Armor to stop prowlers in their tracks. Don't let them sneak into your home! 


      3. Smashers

The smasher who kick down your doors and windows

This brute-force burglar relies on sheer power to break in. They smash windows or kick down doors without hesitation, aiming for fast getaways.

Security Tip: Reinforce windows and doors with impact-resistant materials. Install strong security door locks for extra protection against smashers.


    4. Opportunists

The opportunist home intruders

Meet the Opportunist Burglar. This sneaky intruder seizes any chance to break in, targeting homes with easy access points like unlocked doors and open windows.

Security Tip: Lock all doors and windows even if you are at home.


       5. Scouters

The scouters home intruders

The expert observer and planner in the world of burglars. Scouters meticulously study neighborhoods, identifying vulnerable homes. They note daily routines, security gaps, and potential escape routes. 

Security Tip: Change routines and be unpredictable; Scouters hate surprises. Use invisible door protections to weaken scouters from any planned attack.


      6.  Knock-Knock Intruders

The knock-knock home intruders

Introducing the Knock-Knock Burglar. This crafty criminal pretends to be a harmless visitor, neighbor, service worker, or delivery person to trick their way into your home. They knock on your door, and if you don't answer, they break in.

Security Tip: Use peepholes, confirm identities, and don't open your door blindly. Install doorbells and answer knocks to show knock-knock intruders that you are on your guard.


        7. The Professionals

The Professional intruders

The Professional burglar is a rare but notorious figure, often making headlines in high-profile heists. Unlike common burglars, they don't target ordinary homes; instead, they focus on high-value locations like banks and vaults. Operating as part of organized criminal networks, these individuals are challenging to identify, making their crimes all the more elusive. 

Security Tip: Be security conscious and invest in rock-hard home security systems. Foster a strong neighborhood watch and read the news to learn new tactics used by these burglars.


Knowledge is your best defense. Being aware of these burglars' techniques and implementing targeted prevention strategies will help you choose the best home security system for your home, be vigilant, and give you peace of mind knowing your home is safe. 

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