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News Coverage

Nearly Every Major TV Outlet, National Newspapers And More Than 200 Radio Interviews


Over The Years, We Have Been Fortunate To Have Been Featured On Countless TV Stories, Radio Interviews, Magazine And Newspaper Articles. We Say Fortunate Because We Actually Found Out About Many Of These Stories After They Aired. Someone Would See Our Product At A Local Store And Would Test It. An Insurance Company Would Test Our Product And Recommend Us To CBS News. A News Anchor's Friend's Home Would Get Robbed And They Would Hear About Our Product From Local Police. Whatever The Reason, We Honestly Forgotten About More News Coverage Than Any Other Company Our Size Has Probably Ever Had. Take A Look Below At Just A Few Of The Places Armor Concepts Has Been Featured...



Featured On FOX NEWS

Door Armor was recently featured by Skip Bedell on the Fox News show Fox & Friends.

FOX NEWS Interview

 Fox News was doing a story on crime and gave our Security Expert a call. This was a great experience and a great story that highlights crime issues in upscale areas.Crime is no longer a "bad neighborhood" problem...

OMG Insider Interview

When the OMG Insider needed a security expert to comment on Justin Bieber's security breach, they contacted Alan Young.

We have never asked police for an endorsement. Why, because we know that they are not allowed to give them. That is why we were somewhat shocked when we heard about this store. Yes, we actually learned about this story about a month after it aired. Local police learned about our Door Armor (then EZ Armor) product after a rash of break-ins in their area. They went to a local Lowe's store and purchased a kit. The results of the test shocked everyone...

The CBS Early Show

This was our first national TV spot back in 2008. The State Farm Insurance company did a test on our Door Jamb Armor product and recommended us to the show's producers, who were doing a story on crime prevention. As you can imagine, this was a huge story for us.

Ed Bernstein Show, Las Vegas

When Ed Bernstein needed a security expert to discuss a rash of break-ins occuring in Las Vegas, they contacted Armor Concepts' CEO, Alan Young...

Fox News Interviews

Fox News was doing a story on crime and gave our Security Expert a call. This was a great experience and a great story that highlights crime issues in upscale areas.Crime is no longer a "bad neighborhood" problem...

"Does It Work Tests"


Our First Does It Work Test

It was Thursday evening at around 6 o'clock when we received the call back in 2008. Channel 3 News in Memphis, Tennessee had put our Door Jamb Armor product to the test. They called us after the test had been completed. Since we had no idea that they were even conducting a test, we were relieved to hear how impressed they were.

Omaha Crime Spree

This was another test and news cast that we found out about several weeks after it aired. Once again, a rash of break-ins raised awareness about kick-ins and a local dealer provided a solution to increasing crime in this once quiet city...

"Local News Stories"


Nashville Home Invasion Spree (News Channel 4)

A rash of break-ins raised awareness about real home security and what it takes to avoid becoming a victim. She days of leaving doors open are gone and if your doors are not secure, you might learn tough lesson. News Channel 4 called the local security experts.

Nashville Home Invasion Spree Follow-Up (News Channel 4)...

Nashville's News Channel 4 followed up with Alan Young, following a rash of home invasions in nicer Nashville communities. Viewers were concerned about keeping their families safe and wanted real answers.

WREG (News 3) in Memphis Features Armor Concepts

WREG in Memphis featured security expert Alan Young following a rash of break-ins in the area. Watch our CEO discuss home security with the Channel 3 crew.

Nashville News Features Armor Concepts Following Police Recommendation...

Nashville's News Channel 4 contacted Armor Concepts after several police officers recommended our products.

Door Armor (EZ Armor) Stops Serial Burglar in Nashville...

Nashville's News Channel 5 in Nashville broke this story about a serial burglar, who was apprehended after attempting to come back to a house that he had previously burglarized. He didn't get in a second time... Note: This story was done back in 2010, when Door Armor was named EZ Armor.