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Intriguing 2023 Burglar Statistics and How Burglars Select Their Targets

By Armor Concepts November 29, 2023

Burglary is the third most common type of crime in the US, according to 2023 Statistics. In 2022 alone, there were over 6.5 million reported cases of property crime in the US, with a staggering 899,293 home burglaries.

Most burglars are opportunists. They don’t target every home. When choosing properties, most burglars pick premises based on how easy they are to get into.

Now let’s deep dive into what makes a home an easy target for burglars, why burglars pick some homes over others and some of the best deterrents. 

Burglary Trying to Break into a home

Some Interesting Burglary Statistics You Should Know About

Here are some of the recent burglary facts and crime rates reported in 2022:

How Burglars Choose Their Next Target

There are some activities that might make your home a target for burglars. What most burglars look for when picking a home are similar, and they vary from homes that are easy to break into to unsecured neighborhoods.

See below indications that your home could be a target:

  • Burglars often scout for homes with no signs of life. An unoccupied home is a tempting opportunity for burglars to carry out their activities undisturbed. Some burglars will go door-to-door, knocking or ringing the bell to see if there's any response from inside. Other burglars go as far as “seeding” homes with flyers and come back the day after to check if the flyers are still there.
  • Homes without visible security systems or deterrents are more likely to attract burglars. 
  • Thick shrubbery and overgrown trees provide convenient hiding spots for burglars. Homes with well-maintained landscapes are less attractive targets.
  • Burglars prefer homes without alarm systems, as these reduce the risk of getting caught. Installing a reliable alarm system can significantly enhance your home's security.
  • Burglars prefer neighborhoods where residents are less likely to notice and report suspicious activities. 
  • Residences in the center of the block, as opposed to those on corner lots.
  • Burglars often observe patterns in a neighborhood, such as when residents leave for work or go on vacation. 
  • Wealthier neighborhoods with expensive cars and luxuries
  • Home with big fences with limited visibility from the street.

Some Deterrents to Avoid Being the Target for Home Burglary

After a survey of 86 Burglary inmates on a crime prevention project, most burglars said that having security signposts and even well-lit homes can’t stop them from burglarizing a home.

Here are some insightful deterrents you could effect in your home to scare home invaders away from your property.

  • A visible home security solution like a security camera
  • Many burglars are deterred by large, aggressive dogs, but some may handle them with ease by remaining calm and offering them treats. Small dogs are usually not a significant concern for intruders. The presence of "Beware of dog" signs often makes them think twice before attempting a break-in.
  • Doors featuring windows offer an opportunity for potential intruders to peer into the home, allowing them to assess the presence of homeowners or renters and identify valuables before attempting a break-in.
  • Homes with flimsy or weak door locks make home break-ins a deal breaker for burglars
  • Busy neighborhoods with active residents may also signal to burglars to potentially move on to another neighborhood.
  • Make your home look like someone is inside by cutting down trees & hedges.

2 Burglars attacking an empty home

The Time Most Burglars Strike Homes

Nothing deters burglars like a busy home and neighborhood with humans. Most burglars admitted to striking home during the day, especially when nobody is home.

The majority of burglars prefer early mornings and afternoons between 10 am and 2:30 pm when people are out of their homes.

Door Armor Pro Max Shield

The Role Of Door Armor in Protecting Your Home

Most burglars strike when nobody is home, and several burglars prefer to break a door than a glass. Loud door bangs are better than loud glass breaking, plus they fear the risk of getting cut from glass. It also takes burglars less than a minute to break into a home, according to Jerome Gilgan, a former career criminal. 

Since burglars like to go through a door, having Door Armor Home Security Solutions is the perfect way to stand against burglars even while you are away from home.

  • For instance, our Double Door Security Kit (With Night Lock) protects the top and bottom of your double door as well as the hinges and the lock area since there is no jamb in most double doors. This gives a barricade to your door against any forceful entry.
  • Our PRO SafeRoom Security Master Bundle With Night Lock provides maximum protection for single interior doors. It combines a Door Armor PRO Safe Room Kit with the added protection of a Night Lock.
  • A burglarized home is 4x more likely to be burglarized again. Door Armor’s MAX Single Door Security Kit can also be used to repair damage from an existing kick-in. 

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