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How to Kickproof Your Front Door Against Forceful Break-in

By Armor Concepts December 16, 2023


The security of your home begins with fortifying its primary entry point – the door. In today's world, where home invasion is increasingly alarming, the vulnerability of homes to break-ins is a concerning reality. In 2022 alone, there were over 6 million reported cases of property crime and more than 800,000 home burglaries. 

How to kick-proof your door against break-in

In this guide, you will uncover practical strategies on how to kickproof your door effectively. Get valuable insights, product recommendations, and step-by-step instructions for enhancing your home security.

The Importance of Kickproofing Your Front Door

Windows often steal the spotlight, but statistics show that approximately 85% of break-ins occur through forceful entry, primarily by kicking in doors, and most burglars confess to going through a door rather than a window. Burglars favor the path of least resistance, making the front door a prime target. 

The psychological toll of a break-in extends far beyond the physical or material loss, It leaves years of emotional trauma on the victims. Feeling violated in the place you should feel safest is a nightmare that no one should endure, which makes it imperative to fortify your home by kickproofing your front door. 

To combat this rising threat, homeowners, whether new homeowners or tenants living in a rented space or apartment, need a “Fort Knox” front door that stands as an impenetrable fortress against forceful kicks. There is no cost to peace of mind; a kickproof door is not a luxury but a necessity for safeguarding what matters most.

Weak Points in your that makes it vulnerable to kickins

Assessing Your Door's Vulnerabilities

The first important step in kickproofing your door is conducting a thorough assessment of your door's vulnerabilities. Check for weak points such as flimsy frames, inadequate locks, or compromised hinges. Identifying these vulnerabilities empowers you to target specific areas during the kickproofing process to ensure a comprehensive and effective defense.

Choosing the Right Door Armor Products

Explore all Door Armor products, especially the PRO MAX Combo set. This comprehensive kit addresses various aspects of door security, including the Door Armor Jamb Shield, Door Shields (both PRO and MINI), Hinge Shields, and the Pry Shield. These components work in harmony to create a robust barrier against forced entry, providing maximum protection for single-entry doors with minimal clearance.

Let's take a deep dive into how Door Armor helps kickproof your doors from forceful break-ins.

Door Armor PRO MAX Single Door Security Kit

Door Armor PRO MAX Combo set provides maximum security for Single Entry Doors.  Made to fit doors with minimal clearance (less than 2 quarters).  All PRO Kits come with 2 PRO Door Shield Sets AND 2 MINI Door Shields, so you can choose which to use on your door.  Kits also include 1 Door Armor Jamb Shield (46-Inches) with knockouts for cleaner appearance (4-1/2"-21-1/2" lock spacing), 2 Hinge Shields, 17, 3-1/2" self-tapping screws and 4, 2-1/2" screws.  Add Prying Protection for Ultimate Security.

Door Armor PRO MAX Single Door Security Kit

Door Armor PRO SafeRoom (Interior Door) Security Master Bundle With Night Lock

The Door Armor Safe Room Master Bundle combines a Door Armor PRO Safe Room Kit with the added protection of a Night Lock. While Door Armor will make your door frame and door much stronger, we always warn customers that most interior doors are hollow.  The Night Lock adds additional protection on the bottom of the door, which will give you additional time for help to arrive if you are in a "lock down" situation. This kit comes with a Door Armor Safe Room Jamb Shield, 2 PRO Door Shields and 1 Night Lock.

Door Armor PRO SafeRoom (Interior Door) Security Master Bundle With Night Lock

Door Armor Double Door Security Kit (With Night Lock)

The Door Armor Double Door Security Kit protects the top and bottom of your double door as well as the hinges and the lock area.  Since there is no jamb in the center of the double door, we must use different techniques to secure these doors.  The Double Door Security kits come complete with a Night Lock door barricade for maximum security.

Door Armor Double Door Security Kit (With Night Lock)

Door Armor PRO Side Light Door Security Kit

Doors with side lights are most difficult to protect because they do not have a real jamb. The Door Armor Sidelight Jamb Shield screws back into the face of the jamb, in order to create the necessary rigidity.  The Sidelight Hinge Shields attach the Side Light door frame to the top and bottom of the Door Frame.

Door Armor PRO Side Light Door Security Kit
Armor Latch Sliding Door Deadbolt

The Armor Latch Sliding Door Deadbolt helps prevent sliding glass doors from being lifted out of the track. This kit installs in about 10 minutes and fits most sliding patio doors.

Armor Latch Sliding Door Deadbolt

Door Armor PRO Door Shield Door Security Accessory

PRO Door Shields combine prying protection and kick-in protection in one. They are designed with an extended bend to help prevent a pry bar, credit card, or crowbar from being inserted into the door opening during a pry attack. Combine with the Door Armor Pry Shield and create a formidable barrier to prying.

Door Armor PRO Door Shield Door Security Accessory

Door Armor Pry Shield Door Security Accessory

When thieves realize that they can't kick your door in, prying becomes their next course of action. Pry shield will prevent a "would be" intruder from sliding a crowbar/pry bar next to your locks and releasing your door. Door Armor Pry Shield DOES NOT WORK on an out swinging door.

Door Armor Pry Shield Door Security Accessory

Hinge Protector Pin
Door Armor Hinge Protector Pins help prevent outswing doors from being lifted off of the hinges. 

Hinge Protector Pin


FIX-A-JAMB Exterior Door Jamb Repair

The Door Armor FIX-A-JAMB Exterior door jamb repair is simply the easiest way to repair a broken door jamb. In about 15 minutes, FIX-A-JAMB leaves you with a clean repair. FIX-A-JAMB Exterior is a favorite among multi-family maintenance people!

FIX-A-JAMB Exterior Door Jamb Repair

Door Armor MORTISE LOCK Jamb Shield Door Security Accessory
The Mortise Lock Jamb Shield is Designed To Fit Exterior Doors With Mortise Locks (Both Locks Together In One Mechanism) Or For Doors With Locks That Are Less Than 4-1/2-Inches Apart (On Center).

Door Armor MORTISE LOCK Jamb Shield Door Security Accessory

Night Lock Door Barricaide

The  Night Lock Door Barricaide is used to provide additional security to the bottom of your door. It can be used on Single doors, Sidelight doors, and Double doors. Night Lock is installed directly on your floor, providing stable security to prevent forced entry.

Door Armor Night Lock Door Barricaide

Upgrading Door Locks

Upgrade your door's security with advanced locking mechanisms. High-quality deadbolt locks are a fundamental choice, known for their strength and resistance to forced entry. Combine these with sturdy knob locks to create a robust defense mechanism. Also Consider smart locks for added convenience.

Customizing Kickproofing for Different Door Types

Recognize that each door type requires a tailored approach to kick-proofing. Single doors benefit from deadbolt locks, while French doors necessitate multi-point locking systems. Sliding doors demand specialized locks like pin locks or bars, and solid core doors require heavy-duty deadbolts. Understanding your door type ensures a customized and effective kickproofing strategy.

Considering Door Material in Kickproofing

There are key factors to consider when strengthening your door against kicks and the material of your door significantly influences kickproofing. Wooden doors offer versatility but may require extra reinforcement. Metal doors provide a sturdy foundation for secure locks, while glass doors demand a delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality. Matching the lock type to the door material ensures optimal security without compromising style.

Setting a Realistic Budget

While security is an investment, it's crucial to strike a balance that aligns with your financial plan. High-security locks may come at a higher cost, but the long-term safety they provide justifies the expense. Evaluate your budget and prioritize kickproofing measures that offer the best value for your investment.

Installation Options and Tips

Decide on the installation approach that suits your skills and preferences. If you're comfortable with DIY projects, many kickproofing solutions come with user-friendly instructions for self-installation. On the other hand, enlisting the services of a professional locksmith ensures precise setup, maximizing the effectiveness and longevity of your kickproofing measures.


Kickproofing your front door is a proactive measure that significantly enhances your home security. Door Armor products offer a range of solutions to cater to homeowners' diverse needs. By considering door types, materials, security levels, and installation preferences, you can select the right door lock that aligns with your unique situation. Invest in the safety of your home and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a fortified front door.

Ready to kickproof your door? Explore our recommended Door Armor products and take the first step toward a safer and more secure living space.

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